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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Human Hair Wigs

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Human Hair Wigs


Wearing human hair wigs has become an industry-standard, especially in the entertainment world. However, every individual, including men, are getting addicted to it.     

Learning through trial and error is not the option when your reputation is on stake. Simply avoid following five mistakes, and you will be wearing the human hair wigs like a pro.

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1st Mistake Avoid Cutting the Lace Edges

Most novices don’t cut the lace edges for the scare that they may try too hard and make the hair wig unwearable. But not doing so is a catastrophe in the making.

If you are out on a romantic date and the breeze blows utterly to move the hair away from your hairline, your partner will have the option to see the lace edges, and that is simply mortifying.

Try not to cut off any excess of lace. Cut little bits of the lace rather than every last bit of it without a moment’s delay. Cut the lace around the front and sides of the lace wig utilizing long liquid scissor strokes to avoid the rugged edges.

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2nd Mistake Using Adhesive on Wig without Testing

Likewise, with any item that we need to use on the face, go for a hair wigs patch test first. Glues are synthetic compounds that may not suit all skin types.

Apply a drop of paste or glue on your lower arm and leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. Notice the area following two days of the patch test. If there is no unfavorably susceptible response, you may utilize the paste. If you see even the smallest skin disturbance, avoid utilizing it.

A comfortable hold band may likewise help wipe out the requirement for brushes, clasps, or pins in making sure about the wig, along these lines forestalling conceivable cerebral pains and bald spots.

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3rd Mistake: Not Wrapping the Hair Properly

Beautiful wigs can’t work their magic without an extraordinary foundation, a conveniently, appropriately wrapped hair. Not doing so will make the wig look puffy as opposed to normal.

While interlacing takes additional time, it is perfect, particularly for those with longer hair. Try not to interlace your hair excessively close as this would prompt scalp and thinning hair issues later on.

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4th Mistake: Not Taking Care of Original Hair Wigs

Picking a wig that permits your scalp to breathe is vital. Proper breathability of the materials will keep your scalp agreeable and dry. A net wig top is an incredible choice; this won’t dry the hair as cotton and nylon do.

Legitimate cleanliness and keeping the scalp dry is significant. Wearing a wig on wet or soggy hair can make microbes and growth develop. This can cause aggravation and terrible scent. The individuals who sweat progressively should cleanser their hair all the more every now and again and permit it to dry completely.

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5th Mistake Improper Washing and Combing the Wig

Extraordinary care ought to be taken when brushing the wig hair. Combing ought to be from tip to root. Never brush on wet hair.

While styling, take additional consideration around the knots, ensuring you don’t pull on them. Utilize a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush. Try not to wash a wig with incredibly high temp water, as this will prompt shedding. Extreme warmth from a blow dryer can likewise harm the wig hair, consistently blow dry on a low warmth setting.

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