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Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.
Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.
6 Basic Wig Types You Need to Know

6 Basic Wig Types You Need to Know

Shops for wigs have a major say. If you are looking for wigs for fun purpose, like a funky or whimsical or costume change, then you can choose one at a beauty discount store that offers the lower-end synthetic wigs. On the other end, if you are looking for a best human hair wigs that will look natural and can be used frequently, then its best to shop at a store that specializes in wigs or even a wig manufacturer. Does this mean that you will have to spend heavily on a wig in order to not look like you are wearing a costume? Not necessarily.

The internet is home to thousands of wig options for those who need to purchase top quality wigs in affordable cost compared to the price offered by some boutiques. This is a perk of not having to cover the cost of things like the rent on the beautiful boutiques or their posh decor. Online wigs retailers can offer better prices due a less overhead expense.

There are six broad types of wigs:

  • Machine made or synthetic wigs,
  • Hand-tied synthetic wigs,
  • Human hair tied long colored wigs,
  • Human machine made,
  • Custom breathable base and
  • Vacuum base wigs.

Hair wig types

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs may have a skin like material on the top, front, and crown area to give a more natural appearance which should be considered. The hairstyle is permanently adjustable into the synthetic fiber and can return after every wash. Make sure to religiously follow the instructions by the long colored wigs manufacturer.

Hand Tied Human Hair Cranial Prosthesis wigs

Hand Tied Human Hair Cranial Prosthesis wigs are variable in base materials but normally comprise of one or more of the mono filament, silicone, polyester mesh, silk, or thin polyurethane.

A non-slip stuff around nape of neck can have a non-slip material where you can use a transparent thin tape. Hair types with this type of wig are Indian, Remy, Asian, and European hair. It is very important to closely follow the care instructions from the manufacturer when washing and styling the wig to avoid tangling and damaging of the hair.

Hand-tied synthetic wigs

Hand-tied synthetic wigs are made by taking synthetic fiber-tied into the base material. The hair growth and style pattern or curl pattern is set permanently. Care is easy and these wigs have a wonderful choice for women searching for their change of look for special events or merely for something different.

Machine made human hair wigs

Machine made best human hair wigs are described by Human Hair type that is used along with the cap construction. Human hair wigs or long colored wigs need more time for styling and care similar to your natural hair. You will need a planning on restyling after every shampoo session. Make sure to use a quality comb and shampoo thoroughly after every wash.

Vacuum base wigs

Vacuum base wigs have higher end line and will need some upfront money and time investment. They are personalized to fit your head. Do preparation to have a plaster mold taken off your head for proper suction of the wig to your head. The base material consists of silicone with European hair installed into the base. This is the best option for those women who are experiencing complete hair loss. They can be a little warm but are worth the natural look of natural hair.

Custom breathable base wigs

Custom breathable base wigs are a great choice for women experiencing Alopecia Totalis (total hair loss). A high quality prosthesis is used with tiny ventilation holes that provides excellent fit, comfort and natural hairline. You will want to style and care for this product in the same manner as naturally growing hair. It does however require to be replaced every three to four months.

Where to look for wigs online is easy and needs little more than a quick search. Sometimes researching the source to ensure that they are reputable is also time consuming. However, choosing best human hair wigs online is different story. Due to the nature of the items and the issue of hygiene, wigs are often not returnable so you need to be pretty sure of what you want before you order. This takes you back to the high-end shops and stores.

A visit to such a place will allow you the opportunity to try on different styles, colors and brands so that you can be sure of what will look best on you. A majority are happy to offer a free consultation with you to find a best wig with while not forcing you to buy.

Wrap Up

If you can afford to purchase from them, then by all means do so. However, for those who need a wig but budget is not providing them cushion, you can write down the brand, style, and color of your interest and search it online. Shop around and try to find yourself the best deal. Where to find wigs is the easy part-choosing the one that you are happy with is where you need to focus your energy.

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