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Key Cautions to Effectively Take Care of Full Lace Wigs

Key Cautions to Effectively Take Care of Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs of lace frontal wigs are high in demand these days. This type of hair wig demands some extra care to keep it nice and straight. What are the key points to keep your lace frontal wig safe? Keep reading:


Keep your hair clean. Stylists recommend that you should wash your hair at least once after two weeks with cold or warm water. Always wash your hair straight after the swimming session. Also, comb your hair after exercising and spa activities, etc... When dirt gets fixed including your sweat, hair tangles!


It is ideal to wash your hair through the unit removed. This always prevents premature slippage.

Without Unit

Put off your unit and keep on the Styrofoam mannequin. Wash hair in a similar direction as the water flows. Apply shampoo or conditioner in your hands, pat, and lather on the hair. Use a wig brush or large tooth comb and distribute shampoo or conditioner on your hair.

Rinse your hair in the direction of the water. NEVER rub your hair together because otherwise tangles and matting will happen. Allow your hair to dry then style as usual.

With Unit

Dilute your shampoo with water (50/50) and place it into the spray bottle. Spray the shampoo onto your hair scalp. Press and then slide shampoo into the Full Lace Frontal wigs from the root and go till the ends via a wig brush or large tooth comb.

No press with palms and then squeeze the shampoo till the ends. To get the best results, the usage of moisturizing shampoo would be better. NEVER RUFFLE or RUB the hair as tangling can happen.

Lean backward now and satisfy yourself that the hair is flowing in the direction as of the shower water. Now rinse using lukewarm (not hot) water. Utilize a conditioner and deep (penetrating) moisture. Leave this for 3-5 minutes. Avoid conditioners near the attachment area as adhesive might prematurely detach. You can use dry shampoo instead.


Ensure you brush the hair after each wash and day by day. While detangling the hair, if it's not too much trouble, start from the finishes and stir up gradually to the scalp. Hold the base with the other hand to hold it back from shedding or causing root strain.

We suggest a huge toothbrush or wig brush. Try not to use sparkle items on the root zone as it might rashly disconnect your Hair Grafting.


Make two big braids in your natural hair when preparing to swimming, sleep, or exercising. You MUST un-tangle your hair before braiding. NEVER sleep while your hair is wet. Hair must be dried completely before sleep as sleeping on wet full lace or silk closure wigs will make your hair matted. Alternatively, wear your hair wigs through a high ponytail that works for wavy or curly units.

Salt and Chlorine Water

Salt and chlorine water are renowned for damaged hair that is present in full lace frontal wigs. Try to grasp that Jacuzzis, saunas, chlorinated pools, and ocean water do irreparable loss to your hair. As a result, a specialist of a full lace wig cannot be held responsible if you ignore such warnings.

Also, you are advised not to excessively expose your Full Lace or silk closure wigs to chlorinated or salt waters. If you do, do so at your own risk.

Chemical Usage

It is highly advisable NOT to treat your hair yourself chemically. Chemical treatment of the full lace frontal wig hair yourself as it may cause irreparable damage to your lace wig.


Hair shedding is considered normal; however, some hair might shed out of Full Lace Wigs easier than others. Longer and curly hair will shed more rapidly compared to short lace frontal wigs.


During your life cycle of full lace wig hairstyle, full lace wigs might slip. To avoid this, apply firm pressure constantly on the attachment area; especially post-shower. This helps the attachment to stay attached firmly to the scalp area.

If your full Lace frontal Wig is slipping or lifting, you can re-attach it successfully via a small quantity of "Retouch Adhesive". Now, wait for 4 minutes to cure, and then firmly press.

Wavy Hair or Curly Hair

For curly or wavy hair, we recommend wetting your hair every morning via Protein Leave-in de-tangler and water.

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