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Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair- Know the Difference Between the Two Human Hair

Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair- Know the Difference Between the Two Human Hair

If you ever have used hair extensions, you might have heard or read the term “Remy hair.” You might also have gone through the term “virgin hair.” However, have you heard of raw hair before? If you haven’t gone through or don’t know virgin and raw hair well, you probably can’t differentiate them.

In this article, we will be rolling out the difference between virgin and Raw hair.                       H2O, 一起, 人類, 刺青 的 免费素材图片

What is Raw Hair

Raw hair is totally unprocessed hair extracted from one donor. It never goes through the chemical process and heat is also not applied to it. Unlike virgin, raw hair comes from the most natural form. This is one of the highest quality of human hair wigs available on the market as it is 100pc pure. With longer-lasting and fuller bundles, Raw Hair is natural-looking; however, it acts as your personal natural hair, and it mixes well with each hair type. Raw hair is the most natural and purest hair in the market. I hope you get what is raw hair.Features of Raw Hair

  • 100% unprocessed Hair
  • 100% human hair
  • Premium quality
  • The hair is taken from one donor or person
  • You get aligned cuticle
  • You get three essential features: wavy, straight and curly
  • Hair has not been altered in any form through chemical or steam treatment.          一串, 一束, 中國女孩, 乾的 的 免费素材图片

What is Virgin Hair

Virgin is unprocessed chemical human hair that is obtained from one single donor. The raw virgin hair hasn’t been altered by perms, bleaches, dyes, or harsh washes. Every cuticle is moving and intact in the same direction.

Keeping it simple, the virgin is the human hair form that hasn’t chemically processed. The best hair wigs industry has been through alterations over the years. Therefore, it is okay to get hair, which is steamed as virgin human hair. You can find various styles of a virgin wig via steaming. They include natural straight, waves, kinky curly, curly hair, Malaysian deep wave, and more.

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The most Trendy Kinds of Raw Virgin Human Hair

  • Indian – Easy to Style, Elastic
  • Brazilian – Light, Silky, Shiny
  • Malaysian – Heavier, Silkier, Softer
  • Peruvian – Coarser, Durable, Thicker

This kind of hair is quite popular as you can cut, bleach, dye, and process the hair.  You can also treat virgin hairs as per your wish.

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Features of Virgin Human Hair

  • Premium quality
  • Collected from one donor
  • Can’t be treated chemically – including colored or bleached, and dyed
  • Not been ironed, curled, straightened, permed, blow-dried, etc.
  • Unharmed hair cuticles                   光鮮亮麗, 嘴唇, 女人, 女士 的 免费素材图片

Virgin vs Raw Hair – What is the Difference

You can steam a virgin or raw virgin to achieve various textures. Raw hair cannot be subject to alteration in any form by chemical treatment or steam.

Grab the concept that every raw hair is virgin, but not every virgin can be made for raw hair. This is the major or main difference regarding virgin hair vs raw hair.

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Virgin vs Raw Hair – Which Type Suits the Best

In Raw vs Virgin battle, you can change various colors and styles. When you have to pick one line as what is virgin human hair and what is raw hair, you have to consider between price and style. It is possible you may want an expensive option i.e., raw hair. Also, you may need to see your pocket, and you have to pick virgin hair-type as it is more affordable. However, you get the best results from both types.

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