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How to Prevent Middle-aged Hair Loss

How to Prevent Middle-aged Hair Loss

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1. Genetic causes

The most important cause of hair loss in middle-aged people is genetic. Hair loss is inherited in a dominant gene in men and recessive in women, which means that as long as men have one hair loss gene, they will inherit hair loss, and women must There are two hair loss genes at the same time to lose hair. And female genetic hair loss will not be as bald as men, it will only become thinner and thinner.

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2. Pressure from work, life, and other aspects is the cause of hair loss in middle-aged people

Pressure in work and life can make female friends feel very irritable, and cause tension, emotional instability, insomnia and other undesirable consequences. Excessive stress may lead to alopecia areata. These factors can also affect the secretion of hormones in the body, causing excessive oil secretion and blocking hair follicles. Eventually, it affects the blood circulation in the head, causing malnutrition of the scalp, and the hair does not absorb enough nutrients and falls off, leading to hair loss in middle-aged people.

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3. Female menopause causes hair loss in middle-aged women
When middle-aged women are in menopause, the functions of various organs in the body begin to decline, and at the same time the secretion of estrogen will gradually decrease, which may cause hair loss.

4.Perm and dyeing hair too frequently lead to hair loss
Frequent perm and hair dyeing will cause serious damage to the scalp by the chemical syrup. Secondly, it will also damage the hair quality and make the hair dry and dull. Both of these reasons can cause middle-aged people to lose hair. happened.

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5. Malnutrition or unbalanced diet leads to hair loss in middle-aged people

The reason for hair loss in some middle-aged female friends is to pursue a slim figure and go on a diet in order to lose weight. As a result, the hair becomes yellow, dull and easy to break due to lack of sufficient nutrients, which leads to a large number of hair loss. Moreover, unbalanced eating habits can also cause hair loss in middle-aged women, such as eating excessively spicy and greasy foods in their diet, or eating sweets frequently.

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