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3 Best and Useful Ways of Tackling Hair Loss

3 Best and Useful Ways of Tackling Hair Loss

Hair loss has become a common problem among males and females. However, there are several ways to tackle hair loss. One of the common ways is to use the best human hair wigs.

Stats tell that nearly 85% of men turn bald (major) by the time they reach 50. Some young males start to lose their hair at the age of 21.

There are multiple reasons for hair loss, but the major culprit is stress. To prevent you from losing hair at a very young age, several hair loss treatments have been introduced in the world of cosmetic surgery. Wigs such as full lace frontal wigs are also counted as hair loss treatment.

So, before we find some possible solutions regarding hair fall solutions, we will shed light on the hair loss causes.


There can be many causes of hair thinning or hair loss that must be diagnosed to effectively treat the issue. Some huge causes of hair loss are as following;

Hormonal imbalance:

Permanent hair loss is usually caused due to hormonal imbalance. This can occur during pregnancy, puberty, or due to thyroid issues.

Medical conditions:

Conditions such as trichotillomania, alopecia, areata, or ringworm infection can cause patchy hair loss.

Mental stress:

It is among the common causes of hair loss. Anxiety either physical or emotional is disastrous for hair.


Sometimes, the medicines you use to treat diseases like cancer, blood pressure, arthritis, and heart problems can cause hair loss.


Another possible reason for hair loss is radiation therapy. It does not let the hair grow back the way it used to.


Female-pattern or male-pattern baldness is a condition that depicts hereditary, which is passed on by generation to the other.

Treatments to Handle Hair Loss

Now let’s have some discussion regarding treatments to handle hair loss. Three major hair loss treatments in the world are;


Two vital medicines are there that have the capacity to stop hair fall. One of those is Minoxidil, which is a liquid. You can rub this on your scalp twice a day. It can prevent hair loss and help in hair growth too.

Another medicine that treats hair loss is Finasteride, which is a pill. This medicine is renowned to treat every type of baldness if taken once every day. However, several risks are there attached with these forms of hair fall medicines.

Scalp Reduction

It is a kind of surgical treatment for hair loss that can restore hair and prevent baldness. In this medical procedure, the bald skin is removed and is supplanted by a scalp that is hair-covered.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is one of the effective surgical solutions to hair loss as it provides the permanent result. Through this hair loss treatment, you can avert hair loss problems easily.

In this medical treatment, the surgeon removes your healthy hair from the back or side of the head and paste it at the area (generally top) where the transplant is needed. After almost sixty days, the new hair strands regrow.

There is mainly two treatment regarding hair transplant known as FUE and FUT.

Wrap Up

Medical procedures are comparatively costly; however, they produce quality and permanent results. Irrespective of the hair loss type, it is necessary to treat it. No one loves to look and stay bald for life.

Out of every possible way to handle hair loss described above, a hair transplant seems to be the best procedure. Regardless of what type of procedure you choose, consult it with your physician and then go for it.

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