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Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.
Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.
Which Is Better Synthetic Wigs Or Human Hair

Which Is Better To Use: Synthetic Wigs Or Human Hair?

There are so many types, colors, textures, and styles of wigs on the market today; wig buyers are often the most feared.

You may not have this idea but indeed, wigs of human hairs are more natural and real than artificial wigs that one can say is the synthetic one, or that these wigs are more pricey than wigs.

Nevertheless, what if I told you that these things were not true?

Getting to know everything about human hair and synthetic wigs is very important in choosing the right wig. Now, let’s check out some of the unique qualities of both wigs so that you can make the right choice while buying the best wig for yourself.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Wigs: Which One You Should Go With?

Human Hair Wigs

A human hair wigs is mostly made from genuine human hair; the most widely available on the market is full lace front wigs, not chemicals that remove the figure but the roots move in the same way.

Remy wigs, on the other hand, refer to hair whose roots are not organized. Non-Remy hair is removed from the acid treatment before making a wig, so they can be bleached.

Many types of fine human hair are European, Indian, and Chinese. The Chinese hair dryer is strong and straight, it is not easy to turn, so it is difficult to style. Indian hair is soft, with small curls, and hair is easy to stop after treatment. The European / Caucasian is often praised for its quality, which is why it is also so expensive in the market.

Here are some pros of having human hair wigs that you can easily buy from the best manufacturer real wigs:

Versatility - Human hair can be dyed, styled or styled according to your preference. Anyway, it would be wise to seek the help of a well-known stylist in wig management.

Pure and natural look - Human hair wig is made from real or natural human hair, making it look amazing, natural and real.

Durable - Human hair is long-lasting and can be used for 2-3 years if you handle it with care.

However, these wigs have some cons too which you must know in case of any confusion while buying a wig:

Costly – Real hair wigs extensions are often expensive because of the size of the hair.

Weight - The human hair is typically weightier than artificial wigs of the same length. Perhaps anyone should buy the lighter “crown”.

Weather impact - Like real hair, human hair also becomes curly or dry in response to the changes in climate.

High maintenance – Just like other natural hair, a human hair wig requires constant washing, deep styling, and styling to maintain its shine and style.

Color - Every human haircut has so much hair that it is almost impossible to grow the same color, even if you buy a replacement from a gray hair wigs manufacturer.

Synthetic Wigs

The synthetic or artificial wig has made great strides in recent years through advances in technology. Sometimes, it is really challenging to distinguish between the two types of wigs - as natural and comfortable as actual human hair.

Wigs are made from fiber (man-made), such as Kanekalon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyester, etc. Today, Kanekalon is the best high quality hair on the market, closest to human hair for shine on the go, but the rest will be brighter and less cluttered.

So, let’s check out the pros of having a synthetic wig in your wardrobe:

Weather impact - Synthetic wigs will not freeze or dry out regardless of the weather, and they retain their shape all the time.

Versatility – Because of the minimal price, you can opt to switch between various colors, criteria, styles, or you can purchase different synthetic wigs at once.

Least expensive - Traditional synthetic wigs are almost always more expensive, chemical resistant wigs may be more expensive, but they are all cheaper than real high quality hair.

Usability – Since the wigs are pre-made, you don’t need to put extra effort before use; pre-styles, such as curls, waves and straights, are durable and will recover their natural shape even after washing.

Naturalness - Premium synthetic wigs are as high and natural as human hair wigs; Other than this, you will not see them as the artificial ones unless carefully examined on human hair.

Maintenance - Generally, you only have to wash it once after using it for about 7 hours and it requires a little maintenance, which is helpful if you are tired of previous work.

Now it’s time for learning about some cons. So, check it out!

Durability - The durability of synthetic wigs is no longer than that of human hair wigs, usually only 4-6 months.

Versatility - You can have your own style of dress and you cannot use expensive tools, such as curling irons or curlers, to do it.

Color – No expert encourages to recolor an artificial wig since it is not dye-resistant. With such practice, you can lose the hair fibers while the quality of the wig will be tarnished.

Keep in mind that only heat and chemical resistant wigs allow heat to endure the curl process, but even heat-resistant fibers are difficult to style because the chemical-resistant fibers change. Also, you cannot dye synthetic wigs but it does not give you the look as human hair can.

Unlike human wigs, synthetic wigs cannot withstand the high temperatures caused by flat irons. Unless the wig is heat-resistant, straightening the hair with synthetic iron can damage the hair.

Anyone can distinguish hair type depending on it’s shine, brightness, and mostly unique and warm wig. Also, heat-resistant wigs are usually soft and soft, if the strands are too small, it may not have heat.

Summing Up!

Sigh! You have gone through a lot ... In this article, you have learned the major difference between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. These wigs have their advantages and disadvantages, so you must find the most reliable yet suitable wig for you without investing more.

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