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Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.
Do not find human hair or synthetic hair you need?No worries!Kindly contact us at or whatsapp:008615059787796 for customization service.

Human Hair Extensions

Women styling and best hair extensions support

Here need to first understand what is hair extensions actually hair extension means a bundle of hair could be artificial or could be good quality human hair attached with a clip through which length and volume of the hairs can be enhanced with a fast process and with the safest process, the clip mostly pre-attached with the bundle of hair which makes easiness in use, with the quick use and fewer time people who are willing to get long or thicker hair in just a couple of minutes without wasting time in the saloon can do it with approx. no cost or any relative issue.

 1.  How to select hair extension

Actually, hair extension selection depends on the women type for which purpose actually need hair extension so selection will be much easier further if the other than general use we can more categories it as

  • Sports-related women must need hair extension to fit in a natural lifestyle when in any workout or in any other body activity they can pull out for a time being and again put in when work done because it does not need too much time and settings.
  • Events and Parties, related selection for women is much easier because quick clipping can make them thicker and Volumatic in few minutes and can hold it easily for a long duration with proper clippings.

 2. Hair extensions supplier

In the open market many suppliers working, who currently have several kinds of hair extensions types with different qualities and styles some suppliers are giant and some are small with limited verity so have a big difference in dealing also for more understanding we divided it into three categories

  • Big Supplier, of hair extension, mostly work in big trade from one country to the other country and have multiple verities, shades, colours and styles in the hair extension products further they also have several qualities for bulk trade between the countries.
  • Medium Supplier, of the hair extension, is the wholesaler within the country who has also big verity but they are not working country to country they work mostly within cities and different sub-areas with the same kind of verities.
  • Small Supplier, leads to the limited stock and verities like a small online shop, local shop with limited shades, style and another kind of limited verity.

 3. The cost of hair extension

The hair extension cost is not fixed anywhere it could be changed with the type and quality of the hair extension and the pretreatments on it, so it is very difficult to understand the cost without selecting the desire extension the price can be defined in three portions such as

  • High-quality hairs, high colour shades, strong thick and natural hairs if coming in under one umbrella means to have a high price.
  • Medium quality hairs, different colours shades, normal thickness and normal hairs if come under one scenario means to have nominal price.
  • Low-quality hairs, limited shades, thin and average hairs mean to have low price hair extensions.

 4. Short hair extensions

The short hair extensions usage depends on the women styles and many of the women use it for different purposes for their better look and appearances like,

  • Many of the women get extra hair cut due to any reason and after it, they are feeling annoying to get them back quickly but that is not possible so mostly use short hair extension to cover their feeling and looks.
  • Medical issues women mostly use short hair extensions to cover treated areas or those who have less hair in any part or facing baldness in any head area.

 5. Life of hair extensions

The life of hair extension totally depends on how well you look after it, how often you put it in and out so all matter directly impacts the life of the extension.

  • Caring means avoiding maximum contact with sunlight and sweating.
  • Washing them a lot can damage them it is recommended to wash after 15-to-20-time usage.
  • Drying and storage leads to properly dry after washing or sweating and stores it at normal temperature and clean place

If following the above techniques so can definitely increase hair extension life.

 6. Clipping of hair extension

The clipping of the hair extension is quite easy but most people have myths that maybe it required some kind of expertise but all that is not true applying and using hair extensions are quite easier like you are washing your face no need any experience and techniques.

 7. Styling and shades

Actually in the current fashion era hair extensions are using in the top styling because it has many verities of colours and shades so mostly women like multi colouring in the hairs without applying chemical sprays in different parts of the head which is now easier to get with the help of different hair extension in different shades and styles.

 8. Long hair extensions

Long hair extensions are very popular in women they are willing to use them for common use as well and to get more confidence in personality with the help of more hair.

  • The long hair extension mostly women prefer to use in wedding ceremonies or in the bridal fashion shows where they need to show the dress and hair combination to the market and to the social circle.
  • On the other hand, women who have to get their hair cutting intentionally or unintentionally are willing to be in the same look again so mostly they apply for long hair extensions.

 9. Washing and brushing

As washing and proper brushing is the part of hair care and maintenance it could be any type of hair even the hair extension also needs it for long-run sustainability, if no proper care and cleaning any type of hair normal or artificial can become damage in a very short time which will not be good for anyone.

 10.  Outcome

The Hair Extensions Online market and the Hair Extensions Manufacturer now have big markets due to the fashion and styling industry extra focusing on it, so the top Hair Extensions are more in demand as compare to cheap Hair Extensions which only use in some countries.