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Zayn Ting Brand Story   


Zayn Ting is an Italy brand of premium human hair wigs, human hair weave, human hair frontal etc. It is a division of its parent company ,Angelnice. Zayn Ting was founded in 1994 and is the oldest human hair wig brand around today. Its history is prolong. Zayn Ting has built up a reputation for designing high-quality, premium human hair. They have become a status symbol of beauty.

Salinger once wrote: An immature idealist will die tragically for an ideal, while a mature idealist is willing to live for an ideal.

No matter silent for a long time or ready to move, everyone's heart is shouting, in the pursuit of breakthrough and beyond.

Zayn Ting company will continue taking "our pursuit of excellent quality, to meet your pursuit of perfect appearance" as the purpose, unremitting efforts, innovation, to thank the new and old customers at home and abroad over the years to our great love!

Brand Story

Zayn Ting is a well-known fashion house. It operates on its design maxim that “Make you different.” is the keynote of all true elegance.

Italy brand

Zayn Ting has an unrivaled reputation for quality and style. Its iconic products include human hair wigs, human hair frontal, human hair weave, hair accessories etc.

Italy Brand wigs

The choice of the finest materials, experienced craftsmen and the extreme care devoted to all manufacturing phases of its items, perpetuate and renew its tradition of excellence.

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