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Here are some ideas for caring hair. Any concerns or problems, please email Zayn Ting hair at or fill in the chart at the end of the page.Our rep will certainly call you within 24-hour.

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In general

It is suggested to maintain and clean wigs as often as a week, the water temperature level is nearly in the series of 35 levels to 40 degrees, and also clean human hair wigs from the roots to the hairs of the hair during maintenance. You can use a plastic wide-tooth comb to comb and also shampoo (We recommend weak Acidic) After washing, you have to clean it once more with a hair lotion, and then use a dry towel to absorb it. When it is half completely dry, spray an unique care service, spray regarding five or 6 times to dry or blow dry.

Additionally, if you desire a cosy result, just grab it a couple of times with your hand, comb it with a comb, and wear it once again.

Due to the fact that the hair of an actual person that leaves the body will most definitely shed its nutrient supply, it will become frizzy with time, and also the maintenance fluid (treatment fluid) can provide nutrients, so the upkeep liquid (treatment liquid) is a must. 

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Washing Steps:

1. The water temperature is almost in the variety of 35 degrees to 40 levels. Initially, squeeze a suitable amount of shampoo right into the basin to fuse and thin down.

2. Place the "genuine human hair wig" item into the container, and also carefully wash for about 10 seconds; remember: do not scrub hard!

3. Make use of a comb to tidy up slowly, do not hard, and also remember not to damage the origins and also all-time low of the net.

4. Wash away the shampoo residue with water.

5. Apply hair lotion.

6. Slowly comb with a comb to make the hair lotion equally saturated.

7. Remain to utilize tidy water in the range of 35 levels to 40 degrees to rinse off the hair lotion. Typically, it can be rinsed 3 times.

8. Use a completely dry towel to soak it completely dry. At this time, the "genuine human hair wig" item remains in a semi-dry state.

9. Put it on the special holder for "actual lace frontal wigs" as well as await around thirty minutes to completely dry naturally.

10. If you wear it quickly, coiffure with a hair clothes dryer. Yet keep in mind: initial completely dry the bottom of the internet.

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How to choose your hair length?

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